From its introduction in Ireland until today the MASTER spray booth combined with Tronic control is suitable for every kind of body shop, able to satisfy all painting requirements, whether using traditional paints, low solvent or water-based paints. Our spray booth model Master distinguishes itself for its high performances due to efficient direct drive turbo fans that remain constant for the life of the equipment, low running costs, modern design, high reliability, and simple to use technology. Each booth is supplied with individual 16 pocket filter system for both intake and exhaust, ensuring clean air in and clean air out resulting in BLEMISH FREE PAINT WORK and a clean environment. The Master spray booth is available in different configurations can be installed with oil or cost efficient direct fired gas burners, including accessories to satisfy the specific needs of each individual bodyshop.

The Chronotech is a new generation of high performance, high energy efficient spraybooths designed with water technology in mind. Driven by two independent variable speed 11 kw motors the Chronotech will move 45,000 cubic meters of air per hour at maximum performance. This coupled to a highly efficient direct fired gas burner (eliminating the conventional heat exchanger) will raise the temperature from 21 degrees to 80 degrees in just 3 minutes. The booth is managed by a fully automated PCL control system that will control the speed of the motors to the desired operating speed required for each process phase. Drawing low amperage/low speed for the spray cycle and increase to maximum amperage/high speed for flash off stage and reduce again to a lower speed for the bake cycle. Unlike conventional booths where the motors will run at the same set maximum speed/high amperage the Chronotech with its variable speed motors will always be more cost efficient. Overall this new technology compared with conventional booths will reduce the process time as well as ESB and Gas consumption by up to a staggering 53%.

NEW ENERGO Spraybooth comes with full MASTER specifications and includes an inverter on the exhaust operation. This inverter will automatically change the speed of the exhaust fan motor as the filters begin to clog. When the filters require changing the PLC controller will display on the control panel to change filters. Full spraybooth specification comes with this booth including:- Tronic control panel with full data display and management package including 3 bake temp/time phases - Internally and externally prepainted spray booth body - 50 mm insulated double wall construction - Galvanised air handling/air exhaust units - Plastic coated prepainted panels - Corner Shelves 1 Partshanger - Laminated glass in door and lighting - 8 x 4 rows neon tubes 58 watts total 1856 watts - Compressed air shut-off device to spray gun - Automatic reverse work cycle damper - Cool down phase - Hour counter - Pressure Switch - Emergency shut-down button - Gauge to indicate pressure in the booth - Operator safety devices EN 13355 - 2007 - Coloured scale manometer to indicate pressure inside booth - Blocked device on compressed air line - Safety thermostat - Low pressure switch - Signage plates for indicating emergency exit - Flow switch to control air flow - Acoustic / visual alarms (motor failure) or ventilation reduction heating system, oven-temperature - Emergency lighting kit for light fixtures near service door (lighting for 1 hour in event of power cut) - Door closure for service door booth frontal - Front & Side Service Door - Undergrating paint stop filters - Insulated duct connecting the overhead unit to the plenum of the booth and - Raised 360mm base fully grated galvanised floor 800 kg wheelprint

Air Blue 200/280 Kw direct flame modulating gas burner (LPG) or Gas - Comes as standard with operator safety devices introduced - 3 year warranty - 7.5 kw /10 Hp and 11 Kw / 15 Hp motors with frequency inverters for exhaust (variable speed motors) - 45,000 cu.m/hr air volume capacity for flash off phase - Complete plenum insulation - Delta T = painting phase 28 degrees C heating 89degrees C - Reverse blade turbine fan directly coupled to motor axle - 90% heat recovery on bake cycle - 800 kg per wheel print load capacity grating galvanised - Voltage: 380v/3/50hz for motors 220v/1/50hz for lighting

Millibar is a high-performance double wall, insulated downdraft spray booth, designed for automotive refinish body shops that demand a high quality paint finish, with minimum running costs and long term reliability. This is an Italian manufactured spraybooth with a fast delivery time supplied for constuction over pit excavation or on a raised base. Spraybooth internal dimensions 6/7m long x 4m wide x 2.8m high External overall dimensions Standard L= 7.16m;W= 4.10m;H= 3.40m Air ventilation unit capacity Standard units 5,5 kw - 7,5 kw. Doors opening size (3-wings) W= 2.70m; H= 2.70m Floor configuration on cement floor Or over raised metal basement with ramps, Lighting 1152 watts

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