Spanesi Mini Bench may be installed recessed into the floor or positioned above floor level. The bench can also be used as a conventional scissor lift when the detachable pulling arm has been removed. With the arm in place it is possible to achieve an 8 ton pull covering a 360 degree circumference.

Bench will extend to a maximum height of 1.42m allowing full under vehicle access. Loading takes less than 10 minutes, no additional stands required. Sill clamps will fit all vehicles ranges with some small exceptions. Lifting capacity is 2,500 kg. Equipment available in single or three phase supply.

Blue Tooth Technology. Spanesi Touch measurement operated by a simple easily understood menu driven programme, this system can speed up and simplify all aspects of vehicle damage diagnosis. Touch vehicle & component measurement programme Live Follow Me screen to monitor points when pulling Simple menu driven operation. Comprehensive vehicle database for passenger cars and light commercials. User modifiable database, allows addition of customer selected data points and the addition of new or one off vehicles and repair.

The Touch measurement device has been designed and developed by Spanesi, to provide the Body Shop with a simple yet effective tool to provide accurate measurements and diagnostics. The large stroke of the tool allows the Body Shop technician to take easy and quick measurements. The Touch portable system allows diagnosis of the vehicle, with a colour printout in 6 minutes. All measurements are taken by the Touch articulated measuring arm, without the need for tags or adaptors being placed on the vehicle. Uniquely Touch can measure individual mechanical components, such as hubs, suspension struts and wishbones, either on or off the vehicle.

The Spanesi touch measuring head has been designed with a specific magnetic attachment to enable the tool to be secured in position by only one operator.

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