The Usi Italia Fastech preparation bays have been designed to increase bodyshop productivity and to facilitate working in a healthy and safe environment. Within the Fastech preparation bay all the necessary vehicle prep work can be carried out around the vehicle whilst ensuring extraction of dust and sanding particles are removed safely away from the operative and surrounding environment. A wide range of preparation platforms, booths and bays is available, built to custom requirements.

A basic preparation platform includes an air handling unit which keeps the preparation area well ventilated and free of dust, whilst a full featured preparation booth can be designed for multiple cars with ceiling illumination and full ceiling filtration and under floor extraction. This in tandem with a fully downdraft heating system included, provides a suitable work area divided off with motorised curtains for spot repair and priming work.

Larger bodyshop facilities will incorporate a bank of preparation bays with in built suspended infrared system on rails, additional hand tool dust extraction motorised curtains for bay division and in floor scissor lift to carry out low level bumper and side panel work.

Aluminimum Preparation Bays are provided to segragate aluminium bodied repair work from general steel to prevent cross contamination during the panel repair process Bays are curtained off and provide a clean room environment with air extraction.

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