B-tech gunwash are a high quality product manufactured in polished stainless steel.This comnbination cleaner is designed for solvent and waterbased paints. The gunwash cleaner also features both manual and automatic cleaning with clean rinse to ensure perfect results. Manual cleaning uses fresh solvent or water which is pumped. On automatic cleaner is pumped through spraygun with timer to stop process when complete followed by automatic clear rinse. using water based cleaner supplied by B-Tech will ensure all hard seposites on spraygun internaly will be completelly removed during cleaning cycle. This system is reliant on a closd air-flush system during spraygun cleaning ensuring excellent cleaning results. All features can be individually adjusted Connector for compressed air with blow out-/blow off-pistol Two gurney collecting trays for containers of 30, 58 and 60 litres Dimension: (W x L x H) 3.93 x 2.29 x 5.97 fee

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