The EMT- ADS blower system has been developed in cooperation with well known paint manufacturers. The result is a good performance drying system for fast drying of waterbased and 2K solvent paints. The EMT- ADS blower system can be retro fitted to any new or existing spraybooth. They are permanently installed in the four corners of the booth and do not require compressed air. Each corner unit can be independently switched on or off depending on the type of repaint being carried out and operate by taking the heated air from inside the booth already filtered down to 10 microns.

Switching one or all of the EMT - ADS blowers on, will provide the necessary cross flow of air to create additional turbulence during the flash off mode. This turbulence directed over a greater area of the bodywork will result in panels warming faster, creating a speedier evaporation and much faster drying of paint

  • Drying time 35% faster
  • Easy to install in new or older booths of any type or brand
  • No requirement for compressed air
  • Heated air is drawn down from the ceiling plenum inside the booth (already filtered to less than 10 microns)
  • The design of the adjustable air jets allows for optimal airflow
  • User friendly control panel
  • All blowers can be turned on or off individually depending on job
  • Smooth dust free design
  • Very maintenance friendly system

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